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Middelton-Moz Institute • Press Kit

Press Kit

Led by Jane Middelton-Moz, the Middelton-Moz Institute for Consultation, Intervention and Training provides custom solutions for individuals, communities and organizations of all sizes. An internationally known speaker and author, Ms. Middelton-Moz has over twenty-five years of experience in consultation, training and community intervention. She often appears in the national media on programs such as Oprah, Maury Povich, and Montel Williams to provide expert perspective on topics such as: bullying, school violence, multi-generational grief and trauma in individuals, families and communities, ethnic and cultural awareness, anger and rage, cultural self-hate, adult children of alcoholics, differential diagnosis, values in the workplace and in families, empowering employees and creating positive work place environments.

Sample Workshop Topics:

The following downloads are available for use by the media without prior authorization. Please note all materials are © Jane Middelton-Moz.