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Clear communication and a positive work environment are essential to the success of any corporation. When negativity infects a organization, productivity, creativity and morale all suffer. A negative work environment creates an atmosphere of distrust, drains employees of enthusiasm, decreases effectiveness with consumers, encourages competition rather than teamwork and increases workforce turnover.

At the Middelton-Moz Institute, we want to help your corporation or organization continue focusing on the highest standards of productivity and customer satisfaction. We can do that by paying attention to your greatest asset — your workforce. With a complete operational review, we can work with you on corrective actions and help your organization run more effectively.

One of the leading causes of negativity in the workplace is the failure to recognize negative behavior and its effects, and confront the behavior directly before it spreads. At the Middelton-Moz Institute, we will customize and personalize our trainings and consultations in order to help you:

Companies in the United States lose an average of $3 million each year due to the effects of negativity in the workplace (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics). The result is an estimated loss of up to $300 billion a year in productivity nationwide (source: Gallup Organization).

Don't let negativity in the workplace be the "elephant in the room" at your organization. Contact us for more information on our custom business consulting services.